How to move your mobile apps to SD card by Link2SD

As I told you about a Link2SD app that you can move your mobile application from internal memory to SD card. So, here I’m going to tell you the process of how to move your mobile application to SD card by Link2SD. Sometimes, you can face a problem like some apps can’t move to your SD card because those apps don’t support the Link2SD application. But with the help of root permission, you can move those apps which are not allowed to move to your SD card by the Link2SD app. Link2SD is the popular app to move your application to your SD card.

Link2sd Plus

We all know that low internal memory is an exceptionally normal problem for us. But now, Link2SD app will help you with the problem of low internal storage. So, let’s know how to move your mobile application to SD card by Link2SD.

  • Open your installed Link2SD app.
  • Enable the root permission for this app.
  • Choose the application which you want to move to your SD card.
  • You can’t move system application to your SD card. Please make sure this.
  • Open selected app & click on the “Move to SD” option.
  • It can take some time, wait until process completely.
  • After complete the process, it will show you the notification of “successful”.
  • After this, the app will show the option of “Move to Phone”, then you can undo this process.

This was the full strategy which can be used to move your applications from internal memory to your SD card. I regularly use this application on my testing cell phones, for example, Android one which has low Internal memory problems. This application is extremely helpful.