How to use Link2SD App for Partition SD Card

In simple words, Link2SD is a useful application to increase internal memory of your Android device. This application works really good when you don’t have enough internal memory on your android device. It also has another various feature for your android device & you can simply get this by your Google Play Store. This application is especially for them who used to face the problem of low internal memory but they want to install any app on your phone. So now, let’s learn how to partition SD card for using the Link2SD app.

Link2sd plus

First, you have to install the Link2SD application on your android device from Google Play Store. After that, open the application & enable the root permission. You have to put the formatted micro SD card into your Android device which one you want to partition. Now, I’m going to tell you step by step how to partition SD card for using the Link2SD app:

Note: This process can delete your data from your android device so store or backup your data before doing this process.

  • First, Install MiniTool Partition Wizard on your Laptop or PC.
  • Now, connect your SD card to your Laptop or PC by the card reader.
  • Partition menu will show your SD card.
  • Now tap right click on SD card & click on delete option.
  • After this, tap right click on SD card & click on “Create” option.
  • Create “FAT32” file system.

Enjoy All the Benefit of this application.